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Awesome layouts

Posted by Butterface89 on Oct 25, 13 5:24 am · History

KAAAAAAAAATHLEEEN!!!!!!!! Whoa is that your new look? You look fabulous!!!!!!!!!

Posted by angel-roh on Apr 16, 11 12:16 am · History


Posted by koobecaf on Feb 5, 11 1:10 am · History

Ha. You just never know about people. I've met a few people from the MMORPG I used to play and fortunately they've been fantastic (though maybe it's an age thing? They were close to my age or older).

Posted by superstitious on Jan 21, 10 8:04 pm · History

Ha. I'm in Nashville still (moved from Pittsburgh 2 years ago, I think...couldn't deal with life there). I changed my *location* because some dude creeped me out online. I took down my pictures here as well.

Posted by superstitious on Jan 19, 10 6:38 pm · History

kathleen! it's been awhile! you are getting so prettier and prettier!! so envy of you! i just came to check up on to see how you are doing! i rarely log on createblog as you can see i think, well hope you're doing good!

Posted by angel-roh on Sep 4, 09 4:54 am · History

knarf? heh

Posted by missnh on Dec 13, 08 1:08 pm · History

Damn woman, you look great! And thank you for the comment, although I cannot take the credit (it was a favor Trish [sort of] did for me a long while back).

Posted by superstitious on Nov 30, 08 10:17 pm · History

please comeing my blog.thank you!

Posted by goodhouse on Nov 14, 07 1:40 am · History

Kathleen, what's up? How's life, and what you been doing lately?

Posted by digitalfragrance on Oct 29, 07 11:55 am · History

http://cbblast.googlepages.com /

Posted by Steven on Oct 10, 07 12:19 am · History

i love your dress.

Posted by PINKLollyPOP on Sep 19, 07 1:06 pm · History


Posted by absinthe on Sep 4, 07 2:19 am · History


Posted by -------------------- on Aug 18, 07 3:33 am · History

i love your pictures, deary.

Posted by manybrokenhearts on Aug 12, 07 3:22 pm · History

Hey Kathleen, How're ya?

Posted by clarity on Aug 7, 07 3:10 am · History

KATHLEEN! how are things?

Posted by -------------------- on Aug 5, 07 3:12 am · History

because i want to. Why do you even care???????

Posted by moorepocket on Aug 1, 07 12:13 am · History

they are the best (:

Posted by steezahh on Jul 26, 07 2:07 pm · History

is that a betsey johnson dress in your picture? if not, no worries. but its really pretty.

Posted by steezahh on Jul 25, 07 4:45 pm · History

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